Thursday, June 20, 2013

First Day in the MTC

Hey Family!
Well...I made it to the CTM safe and sound. Thankfully Alexes Nunes found me looking like a lost and dazed missionary and quickly came to my aid at the airport. There were no problems at customs or anything. My companion is Sister Skudder and she is from New Zealand. She is so awesome and fun! She has been waiting a week for a sister companion so she was very happy to see me. There are 4 elders and the two of us in my district. Elder Lee is the district leader and he has been here three weeks | think. Elder Beale is his companion and he has been here 1 week. Elders Walker and Davis got here yesterday. Elders Lee, Walker, and Davis are from the US and Elder Beale is from Britain! I am in love with his accent haha! And Sister Skudder has a really awesome accent too. Brasil is very different but I love it. Today I had to teach in Portuguese! I have not even been here a day! What a crazy lesson! I couldn't believe when our teacher Brother Allan said, ok you are all teaching today! Haha...the food is good and we are about to go to dinner. I love it here and the missionaries are so sweet and sooo welcoming! They all come up to me and say hi and the sisters give me a hug! Haha, it is so awesome! Well, I only got ten minutes to write today but I will have more time next week! I love you all!
Love you the mostiest!
Sister Hicks

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