Monday, September 16, 2013

Ola' September 16, 2013

Olá Mom, Dad, Family, and Friends,
I just want to start off by thanking each and every one of you for your lovely emails. They are such a boost for me and I truly appreciate them. I´m sorry if I don´t respond that much but I really do love your emails!

I got another card that you sent me too! Thanks so much! You´re the best! Also, the Zone leaders brought the package from João Pessoa. It was in perfect shape! And me and the other sisters have DEFINITELY been enjoying the treats! Thank you sooooo much! I can´t think of too many things at the moment that I need but I´ll think some more this week, maybe some Reese´s peanut butter cups :) some more post-it note flags (I use a lot of them to mark scriptures). I´m good on jewelry, for now, but I´m definitely open for a little surprise :) haha but thanks so much mom, I´ll get back to you for sure, you´re the best!
That´s so interestin, I still remember that book sale when you came and told me. I can´t even imagine what it would have been like to be a missionary when that happened.
It´s really great to have an American sister but I´m really trying to only speak in Portuguese but it´s definitely hard with 4 americans, and 1 brazilian in our house.
That´s so exciting for Cailey and Heather, yay!
I can´t believe the ward mission leader is doing Nate´s laundry! haha!
I think the pics that I sent should get to you maybe in 2 weeks but the one thing about Queimadas is that there are huge boulders everywhere, very cool!
That´s so exciting about becca and Anne! How cool! Keep me updated!
Dad: I can´t even imagine how busy you are! We have branch conf this Sunday and we´re working really hard to get a lot of people there!
That´s so cool about the temple video and about Bishop lewis´ son, armor of God is real.
Our teaching pool is pretty big but we need some more progressing investigators. But one miracle that happened this week is that Rinato, an investigator that we´ve had for a while is going to be baptized! yah!
Bryan: There are definititely times where Sister Stolk and I don´t understand but it´s all good, haha! We just keep on working and that would be great if Norah could add me in to her prayers haha :)
Kimball: I´m so glad that work is going well even though it´s busy, and that´s so cool about missionary month! I´m so glad that you still like the binder that I kept of your letters :) We normally do a lot of contacts and I enjoy that even though it´s hard!
Taylor: I´m so glad to hear that things are going well and that´s cool about subbing, hopefully the next opportunity you´ll be able to! One expression that a lot of people use is "com força" like with force, so if you want to say something like "a lot" like it was difficult "with strength"
Kelsey: I´m so glad to hear that things are going well and it´s so true that the Lord definitely knows the needsof each and every mission and missionary!
I´m so sorry, my time is about to run about but things are going great even though there are challenes every day too! I love this work and I love and pray for you each and every day!
I love you the mostiest!

Love, with lots of hugs and kisses,
Sister Hicks

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