Saturday, February 8, 2014

Just Gotta Keep Going :) February 3, 2014

Hey Mom, Dad, Family, and Friends,
Hey, so first off, thank you soooo much for the card from everyone! I absolutely loved it! We had interviews with the mission president this past week so we got mail! Thank you so much everyone! It made my day!  I loved it! Also, thanks Mom for the other encouraging card that you send me too! You guys are the best!
Oh Mom, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I know it´s not until Thursday but FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO!!!
So this week was a little rough, just appointments falling through, people not wanting to talk to us and just the normal mission stuff but if learned anything so far in the mission field it´s that we have to keep on working and keep your head up.
Oh random funny story, so I was looking on the list of less actives and there´s someone whose name is Kevin Costner Silva (or something like this) I feel like it´s a joke from some American elder but I´m sure it must be a real name. hahah, I almost died when I saw it.
Mom: First off thanks for sending more packages! You´re the best! I hope I´ll get them soon because the post office is striking :/
Oh and Mom and Dad, what were you guys thinking? Watching a movie about two missionaries getting kidnapped in Russia! haha, you guys are crazy, but just so that you guys know, I´m just fine :)
haha, aaah, I miss all of Greg´s phrases :) haha, I´m going to have to learn so many of his new ones! Like "oh yeah..."
Oh I totally forgot that the Olympics started this week! Go Team USA!
Hey Mom, parabéns! That´s so cool that you gave a pass along card in the UPS store. You go Mom!
That´s so cool that Austin got his visa!

Oh random story, David Lewis is companions with Sister Cameron´s "friend" in Germany!
Dad: Yes, I definitely know what it feels like to have no one come to church...definitely not the best feeling in the world. But, we just have to keep on going and keep our heads up :)
Hey Dad, congrats on the new job position! Sounds like it will be a great new experience! You´re going to be a great and that´s so interesting how much EADS is changing.
Dad, I loved what you wrote about your ideas for the temple day. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I think you should focus on what you wrote. It´s so true that sometimes we don´t understand how much Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us.
haha, well I didn´t have anymore dogs peeing on me this week :)
My heart goes out to your friends that are passing through hard times, I will definitely keep them in my prayers. It really is true that our Heavenly Father blesses us when we pass through difficult experiences and we grow so much.
That is so sweet about visiting Lucy. You truly are teaching them what it means to be a disciple of Christ. And, they are just sweet spirits, Norah and Alice, that they would bring joy to anyone and everyone they meet.

So this week was not the best week ever but just means that this coming week can only improve :)

We had a baptism planned, her name is Imanoeli. She was a former investigator and we talked to her and everything was planned and she was feeling more and more ready but starting Thursday she was working a lot and we weren´t able to find her in her house for 4 days. Then Sunday morning, we went again and this woman came to the door and said that she is in Campina Grande visiting her dad and she might stay there for up to 20 days...sometimes it feels like you just have the worst luck in the world, haha but it´s all good!
I´ve been studying the Chrst-like atributes a lot this week. (Chapter 6 in PMG) I love this chapter and I would recommend it to anyone. I was stuyding about diligence. It really is true that we have to keep on trying. I´m learning too that Heavenly Father wants us to work in a different way and we just have to learn what will work best in this area. We´re trying to work a lot more with the members as well. We´ve planned lots of Family Nights and we´re going to work more with less actives.
Well, I hope you guys are all doing well and I love and miss you guys!

Keep on sharing the wonderful Gospel message with everyone!

I love you the MOSTIEST!

Sister Hicks

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