Monday, December 1, 2014

An Investigator at church!! WOOHOO! Nov. 24, 2014

Dear Mom, Dad, Family, and Friends,                                                            Nov. 24, 2014

Mom: Well,  to start off, thank you sooooooo much Mom for getting everything ready with the housing and classes at BYU! You´re the best! 

haha, that´s so great that Sister Friaca made Brazilian hot dogs, haha, yes, I have eaten Brazilian hot dogs many times :) haha, but with mashed potatoes is a thing more in the south of Brasil. I can´t believe you didn´t try them! haha, you´ll have to try one here! And you and Dad have to try açai as well! It´s so good! It´s a fruit but they make ice cream out of it :)  

Well, with the hair appointment, I don´t think I´ll need a highlight, my hair is super sun streaked, haha, I think you´ll have a double take when you see me cause my hair´s super blonde :) but we´ll see

haha, I laughed out loud when I heard the story about "Guy" napping in the morning to not  be so cranky, hahha

well things to bring: could you bring a box of oreos? Sister Sayonara wanted some haha :) and also, just if you´re able to, could you bring some chocolate chip cookies to share with some sisters, (just if you´re able to, don´t feel pressured :)

Dad: Aah, Dad, I wanted to respond but we´re not allowed to! But glad that you were online! 

Hey Dad, I got your card that talks!!!! I absolutely loved it! haha, I laughed out loud when I opened it!  

Dad, I love the mini sermons that you send me. It´s always exactly what I need to hear!!!!

Well, I´m glad to hear that you´re doing well.  Everyone is so excited to meet you and Mom!   haha,  here Dad is  "painho",  so I tell everyone, "Aaah, you´re going to meet my ´painho´ " :) haha, it´s gonna be great :)

Bryan: Well, once again, loved the quote you included, we definitely need to have a serious talk....haha

Lindsey: I absolutely LOVED the photos from Alice´s  birthday party!  She is so grown up and so cute! And what the?! you´re hair is absolutely gorgeous! love it! 

Glad to hear that you´re doing well and that Norah is feeling better now that you guys know what she has :)

Taylor: Wow, I can´t believe how fast the time is flying by! That must have been to be able to talk to a retired 4 star general. I´m sure he has a lot of knowledge to  share :) 

I can´t wait to be able to talk to you when I get back, we have a lot of catching up to do :)

Kimball: Glad to hear that you´re doing well and I hope that everything works out

So, so far in the mission field I have had 6 companions (and 7 if you count the companion that I had for 2 days, she was so super sick and was then transfered after 2 days) I stayed with 3 companions for 3 transfers (each companion for 3 transfers) so I haven´t had a lot of companions. 

Kelsey: Yes, the  Christmas decorations are already appearing and we´re already singing Christmas hymns at church. Because they don´t have Thanksgiving here, the Christmas season starts even earlier. 

Well, my companion is hispanic and she´s so great. Before coming on a mission she was in the  Peru Navy! Yah, super boss! :) 

Loved the picture of baby guy! So cute!

Well, yesterday Edivaldo, our investigator that came to church for the second time. He said that he liked that the church is really peaceful and there aren´t people yelling and stuff. He accepted baptism for this Sunday so please pray for him so that he can feel readier! (readier, more ready? I don´t remember)

Well, this morning, Sister Sayonara received a call that she´s going to be emergency transfered to another area. We are all sooooo sad! This was my 5ath transfer living in the same house with her! sooooo sad! 

Well, I don´t have much time left but I love you all the MOSTIEST!!!!

Sister Hicks

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