Monday, July 14, 2014

And another goal for Germany!!! July 14, 2014

Dear Mom, Dad, Family, and Friends,

Well, yes, let´s just say that Tuesday was a day that I think almost every Brazilian wants to forget. 7 to 1! Yes...let´s just say it was painful. But thankfully, it was pretty calm in our mission area. I didn´t hear, let alone see, any riots or anything. I think it was especially calmer in João Pessoa because they didn´t build a stadium there. The other cities where they built stadium was worse. But, a lot of Brazilians think that the game was rigged and that some of the coaches and players were paid to lose. Who knows, but sure seems possible. 

Anyway, I´m honestly just glad that the World Cup is over. It´ll be nice to just have normal weeks ahead of us. 

Wow, that´s so cool to hear that Katie Bell is going on a mission! And to Paris! So so cool! 

Aah, have fun with Amanda tomorrow, that should be a fun outing. 

Wow, I really can´t believe that it was a year ago that you had surgery. I was in the CTM! Time sure does fly! And I´m glad that you´re walking up a storm there in Ashburn! haha, oh the fit bit...

So, I didn´t get any packages this week (we normally just receive them at the beginning of the month when we have zone meeting) but this week we´re supposed to have interviews with President Nogueira, so maybe they´ll bring the letters and packages from the mission office. And, I´ll ask President Nogueira or the mission secretaries this week about the release date and how it all works. :) 

Dad: Glad to hear you´re having a good time there in the Mother Land :) Don´t forget to say hi to Prince William and Princess Kate for me :)

Bryan: Hope everything is still going well with the home improvement projects. 

Oh and btw, loved the subliminal message... :)

Oh my goodness I absolutely LOVED the photos you emailed me! Baby Guy is getting so big! I can´t even believe it! And he´s so stinking cute! And the picture of the three of you from the 4th was adorable. You all look great. 

That´s a bummer about Jason. He actually came to my thoughts this week during my personal study. I wondered how he was doing. But that was sweet of you to console the sisters. 

Hope everything is going well with Kimball´s new position. 

I loved, loved, loved the blog posts that you sent! You all look so cute! And your hair! What?! It´s so long! I love it! You look like you when you were dating Bryan!

Well, I hope everything goes well with the baby. And we´ll see if those herbal things actually work, haha :) I don´t put much trust in them as well, those oils and everything, but...who knows?!

Well, this week...yah...this week was rough. We didn´t have not one investigator at church, our investigators that we were certain would go to church, didn´t come. Let´s just say that I want to forget this past week. 

Last night, as I kneeled down to pray, I just began to cry. I think the stress of the week and everything that had happened just built up and I just cried and cried. But sometimes it´s good to just get it out and cry. I was reminded of a quote that I put on my wall from Elder Holland that goes something like this, "If at times it seems that the more your try, the harder it gets, be of good cheer for so it has been with the best that have ever lived." 

I feel like I`ve been giving my all, we´re obedient, we´re diligent, we follow or district leader and zone leaders´ counsels, but it just isn´t working. But today as I was studying Elder Perry´s talk from this April´s conference I was struck deeply. It talked about how we have to be obedient and show our faith. This week I´ve decided that I need to develop more faith. I know that things will improve, but I need to show and exercise my faith more. 

Well, I´m doing well. :) I love and miss you all! 

I love you all the MOSTIEST!!!

Sister Hicks

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