Thursday, July 31, 2014


Dear Mom, Dad, Family, and Friends,
Well, to start off, CONGRATS LINDSEY AND BRYAN!!! Freya is so adorable and I´m glad that she´s happy and healthy. Sounds like it was a pretty crazy delivery story but I´m glad that in the end it all worked out just fine. I´m sure I would have been pretty stressed out if it was me but I´m sure you guys handled it great! And you look so great Linds! Congrats again and send more photos :)
Oh, Mom, the other companionship had to get something at the mission office last week and they went by and a package that you sent was there, the one with the maple extract (thanks so much, the member was soooo grateful) and the trail mix, and granola bars and bug repellent. Thank you thank you thank you! I also got the article that you sent from the Church news, that´s so cool! Oh, and I got another card that you sent as well! Thanks :)
Oh, and also before I forget, next week is transfer so I´ll email on Wednesday :) I hope that I stay in Cabedelo with Sister Maciel. If we stay together it´ll be our third transfer together. In the mission president interviews, Pres. Nogueira told Sister Sayonara that our house was going to the same (no one would be transferred) but who knows, it could always change.
Wow, sounds like you had a great week this week with going to Wolf Trap and going to the Nats game and seeing Billy Joel! And Greg looked so happy in those photos you sent :) haha, he´s so funny :)
and wow, Eythan is getting married, I had no idea!
Ok, I´ll take pictures of the house this week and send them to you :)
And yes things are definitely back to normal after the world cup which is nice.
Well I hope you´re having a great time in Wyoming and send Grandma and Grandpa my love. And glad to hear that the meeting at the temple with the Relief Society sisters from the stake went well. I really liked what you wrote about receiving revelation. 
Well, the time passed really fast today but I do have one funny story. It´s not from this week but a few weeks ago, this drunk guy came up to us and he asked to marry me, and he asked me in ENGLISH!!! haha, broken English for sure but it was pretty funny, and then afterward he asked "But, why not?" haha, oh drunk men...haha it was pretty funny
Well I promise to write more next week!
I love you all the MOSTIEST!!!!
Sister Hicks

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