Monday, November 10, 2014

Hola! Yo havlo espanol :) November 10,2014

Dear Mom, Dad, Family, and Friends,

Wow, to start off, I´m soo sorry that it was such a hassel to get all the classes figured out. I was a little bit worried about all that this past week. and now that there are just two missionary couples in the mission office it´s a little more complicated because they don´t speak English. Before, there was always at least one american elder but now there are just these 2 missionary couples (that are super great by the way, just don´t speak english...)

But really, thanks so much Mom for getting all of that figured out. Just a question, did you sign up for Math 113 or Math 112 (becuase Math 112 would probably be better because it´s been a while) But really, thank you soo much for doing the registration.

Mom: About apartments, I definitely want a shared room. And it doesn´t matter to me how many people there, 4 person, 6 person apartment. :) I trust your judgment :)

Yes, it would be great if you could set up a hair appointment, dentist appointment, and a dermatologist appt. (to look at my moles after all the sun exposure :) ) 

That´s so great that we have some family names to take to the temple as well! That would be great! 

Well, to pack, I would suggest that you bring clothes for really hot´s been pretty hot here. That´s for sure. And don´t bring anything valuable, just a heads up :) Umm, I´ll think some more this week if there´s anything else that would be good to bring :) I´m so excited, it´ll be great :)

In response to your questions:

Tell me the most unusual contact you had this week.  
Well, this week we stopped an elderly man that was walking down the street. He started talking to us about how we need to conserve the planet and then we said that we were missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ and he started to explain that he could scientifically prove to us that Jesus Christ wasn´t the son of God and that He is not our Savior. It was so hard to hear that and I just felt for him. It´s really rare to talk to people like that here but there are some that exist. 

Tell me about a ward member that you really like and why.
Well, I really like the Bishop´s wife, she´s really sweet. Her name is Sheila. She´s the ward pianist and looks like I´m going to be the ward conductor. (They´ve asked me to conduct two sundays in a row...) 

  Do you teach at church on Sunday - Gospel Essentials?
Well we used to teach Gospel essential but now they have called a sister in the ward to teach which is great.

  Do you teach English classes in this area?
Yes, we have an English and Spanish class. (Sister Moscoso is helping me with my Spanish, I`ve forgotten so much!)

Dad: Thanks for your email and all your help with the BYU registration. 

I`m so glad that you were able to go to the temple this week and I can´t wait to go with you when I get back! 

Lindsey: Glad to hear that the girls are doing well and keeping busy! 

haha, yes, it´s truly the circle of life, training at the end :) Sister Moscoso is great and I´m learning so much with her! 

Bryan: hahaha, I laughed out loud when I read your email. haha, alright, we´ll have a talk when I get back about the Computer Science course....

Kimball: Glad to hear you´re doing well. Sounds like Kelsey´s birthday weekend well! haha, can´t wait to see Lil Guy yanking his socks off :)

Kelsey: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you had a great brithday! 

Loved the photos you sent Kels! Lil Guy is soooo cute! 

Taylor: Hope you´re doing well bud! I love ya soo much! Keep me updated!

Well, we´re teaching Luma. I think I wrote about her last week. We fasted with her this week to help her stop smoking and she said that when she was fasting she didn´t smoke! She went to church again yesterday but she had to leave before the sacrament meeting because she had to study for a test. But, keep her in your prayers so that she can stop smoking and so that she can receive a testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that Pres. Monson is the living prophet.

Well, I love you all the MOSTIEST!!!

Sister Hicks

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