Monday, August 26, 2013

Don't Worry :) August 26, 2013

Dear Mom, Dad, Family, and Friends,
First off, thank you for all your care and concern. I really am doing soooo much better now. So first off with the urine and stool samples...we weren´t able to deliver them on Friday and then we went to go on Saturday and it was closed so I ended up not turning them in because they would have been bad anyway. But, I think I´m ok now and I think they just wanted to do the samples if I kept being sick. I´m not too worried. And don´t worry...the mission president and his wife knew all about it this entire week. We had to call them everytime we got news.
I am very careful with the food and water, as you would expect, and I will stay vigilant with this. Also, I don´t have a mosquito net (I don´t know where to find them) but I will try to buy one this week. I ALWAYS use bug spray, even when I sleep and also sunscreen because the sun is super bright and super strong.
Sister Marschall and Sister Johnson are feeling a lot better now too.
So the mission conference was super cool. I got to see friends from the CTM and it was all in Portuguese. Elder Costa is really cool and he did such a great job. I felt super re-encouraged about the work and we got a lot of great advice. He really focused on working with the members.
Mom: I´m so glad to hear that you are walking more and more. That is so great. I hope that your recovery continues to go well and keep up the amazing work!
That´s interesting about Brenton. I hope he gets better soon, tell him I hope he feels better soon! And congratulations to Sarah too! That´s great!
The branch is really great. Last night we had branch counsel and we talked about how we can become a ward. The plan is to become a ward by next year. We have a lot of work to do but I think we can do it. I really like the branch!
The clothes are holding up great. It´s hard because there´s four of us and we always are doing laundry and waiting for the clothes to dry on the line but it´s great. I think I have everything I need :)
The cooking is going well too. We normally eat lunch with members and we usually work through dinner so we just pack a snack. It´s the custom here to have a big lunch and just a snack for dinner.

Tell me about any investigators you are teaching or working with, anyone we should keep in our prayers.  Are you mostly tracting, how many lessons do you teach a week ? So, we have never tracted yet. We have quite a few investigators which is great. We are working a lot with a young man named Eduardo. He is really great. He is 20 and he is so studious. He came to a lesson with a page and a half of questions ad research that he had done. He really wants to learn. Lorrane is another investigator that we have. She´s 14 and we´re really trying to teach her that she is receiving answers to her prayers. Her brother is investigating the church too but he doesn´t feel ready for baptism still. We have to teach at least 10 lessons with a member and 15 other lessons throughout the week. This is pretty easy to accomplish. And we have to have 10 new investigators, 8 of which have to be mn.
 Do you only get your mail when you go to Joao Pessoa - or will they forward it to you?  I think we only get mail when someone goes or comes from Joao Pessoa. So usually zone conference or other times when our leaders have gone to a conference in Joao Pessoa. I really do love getting letters! Thank you!

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