Monday, August 12, 2013

Greetings fronm Queimadas!

Greetings from Queimadas! This past week went a lot better than the week before. Every week I feel more and more comfortable with the environment, culture, food, language, everything! It is a hard adjustment but it´s getting better.
I don´t have very much time to write today but I´ll try to answer some basic questions:

Tell me what a typical day is like.  How are your clothes/shoes etc. holding up.: My shoes are holding up great. I really like to wear the gray sandals and I´m starting to wear the chacos more too.
  What is your P-day schedule? P-day we have normal study til 11 and then we can shop, do laundry, write family until 6 and then we go back to work from 6-9.
 Do you exercise each day and what do you do? Sister Marschall doesn´t really exercise but I try and do abs, jump rope, and other stuff and I am going to start running with Sister Johnson.
 Do you grocery shop and it is a supermarket or outdoor market? We shop at a supermarket and get produce from a local stand.
 How is doing the laundry - do you hang clothes up outside? The laundry is pretty easy, we have a machine and then hang dry.
 How many apartments are in your building? We live above a beauty salon so it´s just our apartment.
I don´t have time to send pictures this week, it takes forever! But I promise I´ll send more next week!
Typical day:
6:30 Wake up
8: Personal study
9-11:30: Comp study and language study.
Lunch (big meal here)
Then 2-9, working.
Bed at 10:30.
I have to go for real now but I love you all and thank you for your support!

love you so much,
Sister Hicks

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