Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pretty Crazy Week

So, the reason why I´m just writing today...
So Sunday, Sister Johnson didn´t feel really well and I didn´t feel so great either but we just rested a little. Then on Monday we both had fevers and stayed home. Later in the day I got a lot worse and actually had a fever of 103. So...we went to the hospital. And when I write hospital, let´s just say it´s not the best hospital in the world. I was so scared to go and didn´t really want to go. You have to drive on a dirt road to get to yah. anyways, we got there and it was actually really fast. It´s a public hospital and they took me right back. They ended up taking my blood, while I was crying cause I was so nervous....Mom I really wanted you there :( Then we had to walk back to the other side and as I stood up to get onto the bed I passed out for a second. Sister Marschall said my lips were blue and I was completely white. hahah, then they put an IV in and I stayed there for about two hours. I have never missed you guys so much. I was in a dirty hospital, where evryone was speaking Portuguese, I passed out, and I just wanted you Mom. But, long story short, they thought it was dengue fever but it wasn´t. I have to send urine and stool samples in to see what it is.

So that´s that. Then tuesday, Sister Marschall was sick all day and we couldn´t use the computer. Wednesday, was actually really cool. We went to Joao Pessoa and we had a MISSION-wide conference with Elder Costa, Area Authority over Brasil. It was sooo cool. It was great to see everyone and to be with the whole mission. So then on Thursday Sister Johnson was super super sick. So we went to the hospital again and she had a stomach infection. So we couldn´t email that day. Then, Sister Fernandes cut her leg super bad shaving, I don´t know how she did it so badly. Also, yesterday we had weekly planning so we didn´t have time to write so I´m writing today!

So, it was a pretty crazy week...

But to answer some questions:
More questions - do you have cell phones?
Yes we have cellphones, but right now we only have one for the two companionships and we´re waiting to get another.  Sister Mason is concerned you don't have your own mattress yet - any news on that ?
Yes we have mattresses finally! Much better.
Are the owners of the Beauty Salon members?  The owners aren´t members but they´re really nice. And we don´t get a discount, at least I don´t think we do.
You don't have bikes do you?
No we don´t have bikes either.

What is the best part of your day?  The best part of the day is when we teach a lesson that goes really well. Sometimes I feel like it´s not going so well but when an investigator really seems to understand and is keeping committments, it´s great.
What is your favorite thing about each of your housemates?
Sister Johnson is so great. We really supported each other a lot this week when we were so sick. I love how sometimes we just have to talk in English togther to get our feelings out.
Sister Fernandes is really great, she has so much wisdom and gives the best advice.
 What is the strangest meal you've had? Gratefully we haven´t had any really weird food. It´s normally just rice, chicken, pasta, beans. Pretty normal. But the weird thing is, is that the people here, and especially the missionaries don´t eat very healthy. sister Fernandes and Sister Marschall mainly eat cookies, crackers, etc. Sister Johnson and I are the only ones that eat fruit and vegetables.  What food have you eaten for the first time? I had goiaba for the first time. It´s a fruit here, it´s not so bad but I don´t love it.

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