Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hello from Carnaval March 3, 2014

Dear Mom, Dad, Family, and Friends,

First off, Congrats Bryan and Lindsey! That´s so exciting that you guys are going to have another girl! Aahhh! I´m so excited for you guys! Congrats! 

So this week was pretty good. It wasn´t a crazy as a thought with Carnaval. Basically all of the big parties are close to the beach, in my area there were just a few street parties and little parades but nothing too big. the only thing that really impeded us was that all of the internet cafes were closed in our area so we called our zone leaders and we had to go to another area to use the internet. A lot of stores are closed today (my "snow" day today) because it´s a holiday.

So, I was wearing my Chaco´s when I banged my toe it was just dark so I didn´t see...haha but it´s totally fine, haha you would be horrified if you saw my feet, totally dry, cracked, and just full of dirt in the crevices because there´s so much sand and dirt, haha, I´ll definitely go with you to get a pedicure when I get back haha...

I can´t believe you guys got more snow! That´s crazy! haha, good ol Greg, the real worker in the family, jk :)

So with baptisms, they have to go to church at least 2 times before baptism, the first time to visit, and the second time they go to church and after church is the baptism! 

That´s cool about the article on sister missionaries, haha, we get bummed out when someone doesn´t accept baptism in the first street contact, haha, can´t even imagine it. 
Our schedule stayed the same, all of the members were asking us, you guys are going to stay inside right? We were like, "uh, no, we´re going to work!" :) haha

That´s so exciting about Amanda Friaca! Aahh! 

and I´m so glad that the fireside went well, I definitely want a copy of the talk you gave :)

haha, I´m glad the juneau´s are still getting good use out of the clothes :)  

haha, oh missionaries, it´s funny how now, I totally understand why sometimes the missionaries are late to dinner or other stuff, it´s amazing how you´re teaching a lesson and it just flies by...and you´re like, oh man, we need to RUN to lunch!

Oh, and you asked if I had some names.
So yesterday Raiana, she´s 22 years old, went to church with us and really liked it, she has a baptismal date for this sunday she just needs to receive an answer that this church is true. But one good thing is that her aunt is already a member. also, Larissa, her cousin went to church and has a baptismal date for this sunday too. 

Geovana is another girl who went to church. Her sister Suellen is super active and is 15 years old. Geovana has already gone to church lots of times (she´s only 10) so President Nogueira has to say yes, so please pray that he´ll say she can be baptized because she´ll have someone responsible to go to church with (her sister every week) 

I´m glad to hear that you have a little bit of a break today. that´ll be good. I can´t even imagine what it´s like on sunday. It sounds like it was pretty crazy yesterday. But I´m so excited that Liz is going to be set apart tonight, yah! 

aah, I feel so bad about your elbow but that is such a joke, "Yah, try not to shake too many hands..." ok, I´ll try not too, haha

I hope it feels better soon!

That´s so cool that you´re co-worker asked you to give a prayer at her wedding rehearsal dinner! That is really so special, when is the wedding? 

haha, it´s definitely pretty hot here, temperature wise and missionary wise! There´s a big thermometer in the center of area that tells the temperature. When we were walking this morning around 10 it was 32 degrees celcius. I don´t know exactly what that is in Faranheit but it´s pretty high...

Oh, and how are Grandma and Grandpa, I´ve been thinking about them lately. Please send them my love :)

haha, yah I heard that it gets pretty crazy at Carnaval but it´s been pretty laid back in my area but I´m sure on the beach it´s crazy. 

Congrats on passing the first interview cuts for the FBI internship! That´s so cool! I hope it continues to go well!

And that´s exciting about the Rent-a-Car job as well! You go bud! What else is new? 

Oh I liked the concert pic too! woo!!

Lindsey: Congrats Lindsey! I´m so excited for you! woohoo, another niece! 

I´m glad to hear that everyone´s feeling better now too. That must be a blessing!

Bryan: Congrats! So excited for you Bry Bry! And that´s so cool that Alice said her name for the first time! aah, they´re growing up so fast! 

Well, awkward story of the week. So on saturday we had lunch with a young single lady in our ward. She´s a little socially awkward but super sweet and nice. So, after lunch we asked her (like we ask everyone) "Is there anything we can do to help?" She then responded by saying she really needed a back massage because her back was really bothering her. I don´t know what I was doing but I wasn´t really paying attention. So the other three sisters (of course) didn´t want to so they all responded, "Oh, you should ask Sister Hicks, yah, ask her..." I then looked up, realized what was going on, and couldn´t believe it. She was like, oh just a minute, let me grab some cream, hahah so she goes grabs some cream and I had to give her a back massage, it was probably the most embarassing moment of my life. I was crying because it was so gross and the other three sisters were crying  because they were dying of laughter. And this poor sweet sister just asked, "What happened?" Lesson learned: Don´t ask what you can do to help...haha just kidding, but just be prepared for what people might say...

Anyway, I love you all the MOSTIEST! 

Sister Hicks

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