Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Geovanna foi Baptizada!! March 10,2014

Dear Mom, Dad, Family, and Friends,
So, as the subject suggests, Geovanna was baptized yesterday! It was super great and I´m so glad that President Nogueira gave permission :) But it was a crazy story of how she was baptized. Ok, so it´s yesterday morning. Sister Cameron and I were going to all of the houses of our investigators who said they would go to church and NO ONE was at home or if they were at home they were sleeping. The only two people that went to church were two young women who are 15 years old and are more interested in the US and Australia than they are in going to church and being baptized but anyway...we get to church, 45 minutes late and completely sweaty, yesterday it was 34 degrees celcius, super hot! Anyways, it´s the end of sacrament meeting, getting ready for the baptism, and what did we forget? We forgot to fill the baptismal font, yep, not a drop of water was in the font. So while I was telling Geovanna that it would be at night, Sister Cameron started to fill the font with buckets and so I didn´t know. Then I realized that we were just going to fill the font in the moment so I went to help. Well 10 minutes later I realized, "Hey, we need to tell Geovanna to change her clothes." Well, she had already left church...so Sister Cameron and I RUN to go get her and we ended up having to go all the way to her house. We tell her, "Hey, the baptism is right now, get your stuff." haha, so Geovanna, her brother and sister, Suellen and Jefferson, and their two little friends went with us. As we were crossing the street at the cross walk, the car behind the car stopped rammed into the car and thank goodness the break was on and no one was hurt. (Miracle that no one was hurt, us and 6 children). We get to the church and everything went fine for the baptism but it was definitely a crazy baptism to say the least! Haha, so my crazy baptism story for the week.
Oh, to start off, thanks Mom for putting more money in my account! You´re the best! Today I´m going to buy some new shirts, haha, a lot of my shirts are getting to be a little ratty and sweat-stained...but the clothes here are super inexpensive, just 5 dollars for a shirt :) Oh and Mom, thanks for the 2 packages of snacks! You are absolutely the BEST MOM IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!! Sister Cameron didn´t know what goldfish were and she loves them now too :) Also, Oreos! the best things ever and peanut butter too! Sister Cameron loves you too! Thank you thank you thank you! I can´t think of any other snack that I want, maybe just starburst and skittles, haha, but really you´re the best mom ever! Thanks! Oh and thanks for the Valentine´s day cards, I loved them!
haha, I loved the pillow that you guys bought, haha, It´s definitely true of our family.... :)
I´m glad the wedding went well, that´s so funny that everyone was wearing black, that´s weird to wear black to a wedding, but you know it´s the South, they do their own thing, haha just kidding.
well, at least I didn´t have to give any more back rubs, but I will say that another member in the ward said, "Hey, I heard you give great back rubs!" haha but she was joking :)
Aah, my heart goes out to Grandma and Grandpa, I´ll be sure to keep them in my prayers. Send them my love :)
You go Greg! When is the tournament for basketball? Keep me updated and take lots of pictures!
Wow, I can´t believe that town has a population of 26, that´s crazy! But great story that you were able to share the Gospel with others :) Glad that you guys are able to use me as a conversation starter :)
Not surprised at all with Delta, haha, that´s just how Delta works and at least it´s not just me :)
I hope everything goes well with Stake conference, I don´t have any ideas in the moment, just emphasize the importance of the members and missionaries working together because it is absolutely crucial!
I´m glad to hear that everything is going well with work and baby prep! I can´t believe Kelsey is due in just one month! So crazy!
That´s so cool that you´re going to have someone that will work for you! Good luck in the search for someone, that´s super cool!
I liked what you said about testifying during the lessons, I´ve been trying to work on that too. I´ll remeber that for this week :)
I´m glad to hear that everything is in order for the baby! Ahhh! Just one month...or less! You have to send lots of pictures!
So, I haven´t noticed lots of differences in the church meetings...well, I don´t know why but most of the wards here start with Relief Society, not sacrament meeting.
And probably the companion that I´m the closest to is Sister Stolk. We spent three transfers together and she´s absolutely the best! love that girl! But, Sister Cameron is great too! We have so much fun together and I´m getting to know her better as well!
Aah, loved the video that you sent of Norah and Alice. I watched snipets of it and they are so cute!
Well, sorry this email is really short this week but I love you all soooo much and miss you all!
I love you the MOSTIEST!
Sister Hicks
PS I´ll send pictures of Geovanna´s baptism!

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