Monday, March 24, 2014

Rayssa Was Baptized!! March 24, 2014

Dear Mom, Dad, Family, and Friends,

So this week was soooo great! I can´t even begin to explain all the miracles that happened this week. First of all, Rayssa was baptized. She was super nervous but everything turned out just fine. The other investigators that we had at church didn´t really pan out but Rayssa was baptized and it was great!
Mom: So to start off, that was soooo cool about Greg and the states championship! haha, Greg truly is the man!! haha, oh Gregus, just rocking that baskbetball tournament! Tell him congrat from me :)

Wow, sounds like you had a pretty crazy week this week but sounds like everything went well. I´m glad even the twice-baked brownies turned out well :) The "gang" get-together with the Simmons, Fullers, and everyone else sounds like it was fun too :) Tell them all that I say hi. That was really sweet what Pres. Simmons said, cool that they´re planning trek too :)
I liked what you said about being convicted for being kind. :)
I can´t believe Jaclyn is back from the mission! haha, that´s great that she´s speaking in the normal "mission sing-song voice" haha
So the best part of the week was Rayssa´s baptism! It was such a great experience, she was really nervous and hesitant but it was truly the hand of the Lord in our work because she was baptized and everything went fine.
I´ll be sure to send more photos, now that I´m in an area that has a way better computers I´m going to start emailing photos more.
Dad: Wow, I hope you have  great trip in Mobile. Eat lots of grits too :) I´ve been thinking about sacrifice a lot lately and during District Meeting this past week, I gave a training/message on sacrifice. It truly is an eternal principle.
Kelsey: Loved the pictures of the nursery! So cute! Oh my gosh, I can´t wait for baby Guy to be born, and I know that you guys definitely can´t wait! Don´t forget to send lots of photos for your lil sister in-law!

We truly have a ton of member help. Yesterday was super cool. the Area President sent a list of less-active families in all the stakes and every ward received 20 families to visit. Yesterday, the Priesthood holders went out and visited (or tried to visit) all of the families. It´s amazing to see how much this ward wants to help! They are so great!

Kimball: I can´t believe how much snow you guys are getting to and I´m so excited for you guys! Aahhh!
São Paulo is about a 3 1/2 to 4 hour plane trip from my mission, but there are a lot of missionaries here from São Paulo. It´s funny to hear how their accent is different from here in the Northeast.
Lindsey: haha, that´s so cool that Norah is taking Irish step-dancing classes! haha, you´ll have to try and take a video for me!

I´ve heard about the movie Frozen but I don´t think it´s super popular here, haha but I don´t think I would really know :)

Aah, that´s so sweet about Alice wanting to play with "Noah" haha, love those girls!
Bryan: Loved the story of kid tracting, that´s right, train those future sister missionaries early :)

So a few funny stories from this week. so Sister Cameron and I were talking to this young man in the street, his name is Igor and he went to church yesterday and he´s going to be baptized this Sunday. He´s 18 years old and is actually dating a less active young woman in the ward. So, during the first contact he said that he "lost" his brother because he went to jail and I understood wrong, and I thought that he died in prison or something like that, so I was talking about the importance of baptism so that we can live with our family members again... well he just went along with it and afterwards we talking to Venis (his girlfriend) and she said, "No, his brother didn´t die, he´s just in prison." haha, well just a little awkward...
So another funny story, Sister Cameron was sharing a scripture that she read during personal study and she said, "This scripture reminds me of that animated scripture video when..." Well that just started a HUGE discusion on how we learned the Gospel because of the animated scripture videos, haha let´s just say that we reminisced about some great scripture videos together! haha
Another funny story, last night we had a meeting with all the presidents of the auxilaries (like Ward Counsel) but just to talk about the ward activities that we´re doing to do every 2 weeks. It´s fun to see that food is important in the Mormon world, it truly is a worldly thing. When we started to talk about activities that involved food, ie cultural nights, cooking nights, etc. everyone got excited and said "Well. if there´s food of course everyone will go to that activity!" haha, some things don´t every change :)
Well, this week was also great because Luzinette´s husband, Edilson (Luzinette is a recent convert) went to church, finally! He has a baptism marked for this Sunday too but he still doesn´t feel super ready!
Also, Jeremias, a young man who´s 20 years old went to church also and just loved it! He´s going to be baptized on Sunday too!
If you guys could pray for these three people it would be great! They are so awesome!

Well, I love you all so much and the work is moving along so fast here!

I miss you all and love you all the MOSTIEST!

Sister Hicks

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