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Ygor, Jeremias e Edison foram baptizados! March 31, 2014

Dear Mom, Dad, Family, and Friends,

This week was literally insane but it turned out so well in the end. So as the subject suggests, Ygor, Jeremias, and Edilson were baptized yesterday, it was so cool!!!

So let me tell you all about their stories. 

So first, Ygor is a recent-convert´s boyfriend. He smoked for a long time and also drank coffee. This week was really hard for him but he was able to stop smoking and stop drinking coffee. It was not easy, that´s for the sure, he wanted to give up a few times but Sister Cameron and I saw something different in him and we didn´t give up. It was pretty funny because yesterday during testimony meeting a young man bore his testimony about how the sisters in the ward never give up on their investigators and Ygor turned around and just looked at us like, "Yah, that´s right."

It was Saturday morning and we went to his house to go to the baptismal interview. First off, he told his sister to lie to us because he didn´t want to go. But then, we figured out that he really was home and that he just didn´t want to talk to us. So we talked to him and he said, "No, I don´t want to be baptized..." but he helped him to understand that it was just because he was afraid to make mistakes after the baptism. After that, the zone leaders also talked to him (they came to do the interview) and they were able to help him understand his fear. 

Everything went fine in the interview and he was baptized yesterday. Last night when we visited him he said that he was doing great. I almost cried when he was baptized because I think it´s just that much more special when you give your all to help that particular person. 

So next story, Edilson, Luzinete´s husband:
So it was Monday night and he said that he still didn´t feel ready to be baptized and all this stuff. But his prayer that night after the lesson was really spiritual. He prayed that Heavenly Father would show him some sort of sign to know if he should be baptized or not. Well, the next day we went there and he said that he had a dream that Jesus Christ was baptizing him. Yes, the Lord does answer our prayers. And so he decided to be baptized.

And Jeremias:
Well he is just an elect of the Lord. He is so cool and after church last week he just said, "Yes, my baptism is next Sunday" and the entire week we just followed up with him and it was one of the easiest baptism ever, he was truly prepared before we met him.

This week was truly full of miracles.

Yesterday, there were so many angels that helped us, angels as in members. We ended up having an investigator (that I thought wouldn´t actually come to church) say on Saturday night, "No, I´ll definitely go." But she needed a ride because she´s a little bit older. well, we had to scramble last minute but so many members pitched in and helped it was absolutely amazing. 

Oh another cool story from the week, on Friday, the YM president took us to a restaurant that is literally just yards away from the beach. I was actually a little afraid because I knew we would eat fish but it actually wasn´t that bad and the shrimp was amazing too. And after, just like Jesus, we gave the message on the beach, sooo cool! But temptation too, I just wanted to jump into that cool blue water! haha, but I´ll send a picture of the picture that they took of us :)

Another cool story, Rayssa, Fatima´s granddaughter, started her Personal Progress yesterday with us and then she went to New Beginnings! Definitely brought back a lot of memories! I never thought while I was doing Personal Progress that one day I would help my recent-convert do the same thing! Sister Cameron and I got Personal Progress books from the bishop and we´re going to start too! 

Oh, I wanted to ask all of you to send me an email of your conversion story or a strong spiritual moment in your life, I want to be able to share them with my investigators. Especially you Mom, I always use Mosiah 18:10 with investigators, isn´t that the scripture that helped you to decide to be baptized?

Anyway, this week was amazing and it is so cool to see the hand of the Lord in missionary work!

That´s so cool that you gave a talk in the Spanish group, I remember when Mom and I visited Bryan and Lindsey in the Spanish ward at BYU. 

And that´s so great that you´ll be travelling less as well, woohoo! 

I can´t believe it snowed again! That´s crazy! We´re going to enter the rainy season in june (I think)

So we´re actually going to watch the Womens Broadcast on Saturday morning, I´m really excited to watch it and our bishop said that we´re going to be able to watch in English. I think this conference I´ll watch in English again and in October I´ll watch in Portuguese! They speak really really fast during the translation during conference. But the language is coming along really well, it is such a help to live with other brazilians, I feel soo much more comfortable with the language now :)

Knock on wood, I haven´t been sick again after that time in August, every once in a while I may feel a little sick after lunch but I really haven´t been sick after that one time. 

Oh, and thanks for sending the package as well! I got your letters as well! You´re the best! Thank you!

Lindsey: LOVED the blog posts! They were so cute! I can´t believe how fast everyone is growing up! Keep sending them to me! You´re the best!

Wow, I can´t believe how little the baby is weighing, but everything will turn out just fine! Wow, I can´t believe that maybe Kelsey will have him this week! That´s crazy! Yesterday during church a baby was blessed, it was so cool, it was the first time that I was able to see a baby blessing here :)

The closest temple is in Recife and it´s a different mission so no one is able to go to the temple during the mission. I miss going to the temple sooo much! It´ll definitely be one of the first things I do when I get back :)

Well, nothing else really big is happening. Oh Mom, thanks for forwarding that email from Ms. Breinig, I actually had wanted her email address for a long time! I´ll definitely email her soon!
Well I love you all and the Church is true!

Enjoy conference! 

Love and miss you all the MOSTIEST!
Sister Hicks

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