Wednesday, April 9, 2014

CONGRATS KIMBALL and KELSEY!!!! April 9, 2014

Aah!!!! Congratulations Kimball and Kelsey! Baby Guy is sooo adorable! I am so excited and happy for you  two! I hope all is well with my lil nephew :) You´ll have to continue to send tons of photos! aah, he´s just so cute :)
Well, to inform everyone, Sister Cameron and I are still companions here in Prossind. We were both really happy that we stayed and weren´t transferred. I think the third transfer together is always the best, the third transfer was definitely the best with Sister Stolk. :)

Oh, and I hope you guys liked the photos I sent. I´ll definitely start sending more photos now that I´m in an area that has fast computers :) 

Well, Sunday we had two more baptisms, Hermina and her daugher Vitoria. It was really great :) We just met Hermina in the street Friday before church, they went to church, we taught them this past week and they were baptized Sunday. This week, her son Danilo went to church and he´ll be baptized this week. Please pray for him that he´ll be able to stop smoking, he doesn´t smoke very much and he´s already quit but we would love the prayers :)

It is truly such a blessing to serve here in Brasil and especially in the Northeast region. The people are so humble and it´s just a standard that your goal (and it´s actually really possible) is to baptize weekly. It´s not always easy but I know that it really is a promise from our mission president that we can baptize weekly :) I love my mission, Brasil João Pessoa, A Missão Celestial :)

So, Sister De Paula and Sister Cavalcanti were transferred. Sister Marschall (my trainer) and a sister that was in my district in Campina Grande will be taking their place, kind of funny that I´ll now be living with Sister Marschall again :)

So this week was great with General Conference. I absolutely LOVED conference. We got to watch it in English which was great. We set up our own little watching room in the RS room and it was great. It was the two of us and three elders and even Sister De Paula watched one session in English. It is such a blessing to be able to actually hear the words of the prophets and apostles. It´s really different to see the prophet speak but it´s translated so it´s not his voice. Oh, and we got to watch the Womens conference as well. That we watched in Portuguese because it was at the stake center this past Saturday morning. It was absolutely amazing! I especially loved the videos they showed as well :)  I can´t wait to get the Liahona of General Conference! Woohoo! 

Oh Mom, funny that you asked last week if I had been sick lately. I really hadn´t been too too sick after that time in August. But as always, after you say something, something happens. Friday after lunch I didn´t feel so well and I didn´t feel like eating anything. I woke up in the middle of the night and felt like I was going to throw up and sure enough, I got up, grabbed a bag and threw up everything that I had eaten that day, yah, it wasn´t too fun but the best part about throwing up is that you always feel better afterward :) haha, I´m totally fine, I think I just ate something that didn´t sit well, I don´t know what but it´s normal :)

Oh and Mom, could you get Jason Allred´s address in Brasil? he emailed me but I can´t email him back, thanks :)

Dad;  I loved all the quotes that you included from General Conference. I really liked the talk about our four minute race in life, I also think of that as our mission too, it passes by so fast and I can´t believe all the things I´m learning and how I´ve had to grow and develop. 

I also think it´s absolutely perfect that Kimball and Kelsey named their baby Guy, he´ll definitely have a great legacy in that name :)

haha, sometimes Sister Cameron and I talk about what it would be like to be a missionary in the US, I am just so happy to be here and so thankful for how humble the people are here :)

Kimball: Baby Guy is absolutely adorable! Congrats, haha I´m sure it was definitely different to watch conference as a dad :) that´s so cool kImball, you have to take lots of pictures :) 

Kelsey: Congrats Kelsey! I am so incredible excited for you and thank you sooo much for sending all the pictures! You´re the best! 

I am definitely way more courageous than I was in the start of my mission. It´s just normal now to do a street contact, "Will come to Church? Will you follow Christ´s example by being baptized next Sunday? Ok we´ll pass by your house tomorrow to talk a little more..." Don´t be scared! haha, I know it´s a little intimidating but just invite everyone you know! :)

Lindsey: I absolutely loved the photos you sent of Norah, haha she is so adorable! I wasn´t able to watch the video but I can just imagine how adorable it was :) I hope you guys are well :)

Oh and Mom, I got the packages! The Ensign, saddle soap, BASKETBALL SHORTS, and bug lotion! Thank you thank you thank you! 

Oh, have you guys ever heard of the talk the 4th missionary? Sister Cameron is reading it and it´s an amazing talk! If you guys get a chance, could you mail it to me, it´s a little long but I would love to read it! Thanks :)

So, crazy story of the week, so Jeremias´ cousin Milena (15 years old) went to church with Milena to watch conference. She had already listened to most of the lessons with Jeremias as well and wanted to be baptized. Well, we marked her baptism at church for this coming sunday. Well we go to her house on Monday night and this lady opens the gate, granted I´ve never seen her in my life. We asked if Milena was home and she just said, "She doesn´t want to be baptized." We were like, ok settle down, we just want to talk to Milena. And she just said, "No, she won´t be baptized." Well long story short Milena finally came to the gate (her dad forced her to talk to us) but this annoying lady (I think it´s her aunt or something) wouldn´t even stop talking. She kept saying "You need to respect our religion" and all this stuff. I said "Of course I respect religion, I just want to talk to Milena because SHE had talked to us." This lady wouldn´t stop talking and long story short said that we were insisting and that she was going to call the cops...we weren´t even doing anything, then after saying that WE  had to respect her religion goes on to say, "And everything that Joseph Smith said was a lie, it wasn´t true." I just thought to myself, how can you say to me that I need to respect your religion when you´re not even respecting mine. Well, in the end, game over with teaching Milena but it just strengthened my testimony. It really is amazing how many times in just a week that people say rude things about the church, that it´s a cult and all this stuff, but it really just strengthens my testimony.

Well, I know, without a doubt, that this is the true church. I love you all so much and miss you so much!

I love you the MOSTIEST!

Sister Hicks

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