Monday, April 21, 2014

Feliz Pascoa!!! April 21, 2014

Dear Mom, Dad, Family, and Friends,

Feliz Páscoa, Happy Easter :) I hope everyone had a great Easter sunday yesterday. We had a great weekend this weekend and the fun news, we had a baptism this morning! Woohoo! 

So I´ll explain the story quickly, so there is a less active, Eduardo, that lives just 2 streets behind our apartment building and we knew that he had a son that hadn´t been baptized. Well, his son Gabriel, lives with him here and also lives with his mom in another neighborhood. Well, we were able to finally talk to Gabriel Saturday (he has already been to church at least 2 times) and we explained that his baptism was going to be yesterday. Well, last night we went to go get him for the baptism but his dad wasn´t home and he didn´t want to be baptized without his dad there. Well, we waited and waited but we had to leave because it was almost curfew. But, we got up this morning, cleaned the house, and went to go have the baptism. haha, we got to his house, (it was POURING down rain) and we got everyone to go, Eduardo, Gabriel, and Eduardo´s other son Leo, and we went to the chapel. There are elders that serve in the other ward in our chapel and they came to help us out and he was baptized! I sent some pictures as well. haha, it´s always an adventure here but it was great :)

So...I loved the pictures that you sent Mom! Baby Guy is so adorable! Could you print some pictures of you all and send them to me because it´s pretty expensive to print pictures and I want to put them up on my wall. Thanks you´re the best! But, I´m glad to hear that your trip went well. you look great :)

Oh, and I got the two packages FILLED with goodies! Thank you sooo much! We had interviews with President Nogueira and training with the APs and they brought mail and packages. I even shared the oreos and some Reese´s with the elders, they went crazy :) They were very grateful for some good ol American goodies :) But really thank you so much Mom! And I got your card of encouragement as well, thank you, thank you, thank you :)

I´m glad to hear that the sisters in Kimball and Kelsey´s ward are having success. That´s so great. Is it still elders in the Brambleton ward? It would be so cool to have sisters in our ward :)
I´m glad to hear that Heather emailed you as well. They emailed me last week and it seemed like they were doing well :)

Oh and talking about my hair, no, I haven´t cut it, the last time I cut it was in November, Sister Shirts just trimmed. Haha, I don´t really feel like cutting it and it´s always just in a ponytail anyway because it´s so hot... :) And it´s lighter too, the sun is doing it´s job here

Bryan: I laughed out loud when I read your email about Norah saying that it´s really just Santa that fills the Easter baskets. hahaha, she´s so funny

Lindsey: I wasn´t able to hear Norah´s talk but I was able to see a part of it, aah, Norah is growing up just way too fast :) But I´m glad to hear that everyone is doing well :)

Glad to hear that you all had a nice Easter. Nothing like giving a surprise talk. Oh, I almost forgot to write, I gave a talk in Stake Conference, Saturday night, yes, you read right, I was asked to give a talk in our Stake Conference adult/youth Saturday night session. I was so nervous, even President and Sister Nogueira were there. I sat next to Sister Nogueira and she was very sweet. She kept saying, don´t worry it´ll be great :) haha, it went pretty well and seemed like at least a few people understood what I was saying haha, a few members came up to me and said that they were able to understand :) Of couse, it was on missionary work. All of the Sat. night session was on missionary work. It was actually a pretty great session :)

Oh and I know what it´s like being asked to give a talk when you walk in to church. A few weeks ago, Sister Cameron and I got to church and the bishop asked me to give a talk in sacrament meeting, completely unprepared, haha, but it turned out ok.

So funny stories from this week:
The second counselor in our stake, President Clayton, lives in our ward and we had lunch at his house on Saturday. He and his wife had just gotten back from the US. They went to watch conference and spend time with President Hall, the ex-mission president. President Clayton was one of his counselors. So we were eating lunch and all of the sudden they got the rice out and it was in a rice cooker! Oh the memories that flooded back, haha, Pres. Clayton asked, "Have you ever been to Costco?" ha, have I ever been to Costco?! It was pretty funny, he just kept going on and on and on about how amazing Costco is. The hot dogs, the free samples, the never ending ice from the soda machine, I think the part he loved the most was the ice from the soda machine.  haha, the little things that we take for granted.

Funny story #2:
So Sister Cameron and I were teaching a lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I was teaching about the Holy Ghost. So, we have two little laminated cards, one has a picture of Jesus being baptized and the other side has an image of a boy receiving the Holy Ghost. The other card is picture of Pres. Monson (to show investigators when we teach the Restoration) and on the other side has a picture of the Book of Mormon and the Bible. Well, I was teaching and grabbing the little card at the same time and I grabbed the card that has the pic of Pres. Monson and without looking, showed the pic of President Monson and said, "And this is how we receive the Holy Ghost." Sister Cameron just looked at me and started to laugh, haha, I just lost it and broke out into laughter. Let´s just say we had to explain receiving the Holy Ghost again. 

Funny story #3:
So, during the second session of stake conference, in the afternoon, the first few talks went a lot faster and we were left with a little more time. Well, the first counselor got up and just started talking about so many random things. He talked about giving missionaries lunch for about 10 minutes. "We need to feed the missionaries, they need to eat a lot, we also have to feed them." And literally, no joke, the next phrase he said was, "And remember that Jesus atoned for our sins." It was literally the most random transition ever. Sister Cameron and I just looked at each other and began to laugh. I don´t know if our investigators understood anything haha, but it makes for a good story.

Funny Story #4:
So stake conference was in the stake center so our ward rented a bus and we went to the chapel that is in the neighboring city (only about 10-15 minutes away). Well one of our investigators that came with us yesterday is Larissa, she´s 17 years old, and has a baby son. So, it was already hard enough to take care of him for two hours during stake conference and finally we got on the bus and we were heading home and all of the sudden the bus just stopped. yah, that´s right, the bus broke down, the poor baby was crying his eyes out, we were giving him Oreos (yep, those little snack packs are great that you sent mom). haha, so we ended up just going to the bus stop and caught a normal bus. The funniest part is that the exact same thing happened at the last stake conference I went to when I was serving in Queimadas but at least that time they got the bus to start again. Let´s just say it was an adventure.

Well, I´m doing great here, I love you all so much and miss you all!

I love you the MOSTIEST!

Sister Hicks

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