Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Taylor!! April 28, 2014

So to start off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR!!!! I know it´s not until Saturday but I hope you have a great birthday week :) I´ll be thinking of you on Saturday :)
So, this week was pretty great. We had a baptism yesterday which was really great. Hermina´s daughter in-law, Priscilla was baptized. So, another crazy story with this story. We got to church yesterday morning and I went to go start the font. You just turn the knob and shut the door and obviously it just fills up...well...normally it just fills up. Well, I don´t know exactly what happened but there´s a switch that you flip to drain the font and I think someone actually tapped it because another member said that during church he saw that the font was draining and filling up so he stopped the drain. Well, it´s 11:30 after sacrament meeting, we look at the font and there isn´t even a foot of water. Also, the chapel was low on water as well. (This happens every so often where you just don´t have water and the font uses the reserve water but it comes out slower.) So Sister Cameron and I just started scrambling to try and find a solution. We thought about going to a pool near by but everyone said there are just a bunch of drunks at the pool on Sunday. We thought about going to the beach but Priscilla didn´t want to be baptized at the beach because she didn´t want everyone to see her. haha, so what ended up happening, we left the font to fill up a little more and she just sat in the water with her legs out in front and she was baptized laying down in the water. They had to repeat the ordinance two times because the first time her legs popped up and the second time her hand was out of the water. But, in the end, it all worked out and she was baptized :) haha, but at least she can say that she was baptized laying down. I´ll attach a photo of how shallow the water was in the font. But as we always say... "Só batiza!" "Just baptize!"
Well, it was great to hear from all of you guys this week and I´m so excited to talk to you all in just two weeks! I think this time it will work to Skype as well because the internet is a lot faster here but I´ll get more details and I´ll let you guys know. Good to know that Church is 1-4 there. I think I`m 2 hours ahead of you guys, but I´ll have to double check.
Mom: Hey Mom, sad news, we just got an email today from President Nogueira and he said that we´re not allowed to respond to emails if we receive them during the email time. So, sounds like we won´t be able to "talk" back and forth. Bummer but rules are rules, maybe I just didn´t understand the email haha but I think this is what it means...
But, thanks so much for putting some more money in my account. and for sending the chacos! You are little the best :) And I´ll try and think some more this week of what I need/want. As of right now, I think just more of those tooth pick things, (I don´t need them right now but in the future) and really for my birthday I would love some photos of everyone. It´s expensive to print photos and I especially would love a photo of our family from Thanksgiving when we took the group photo. I have one but I wanted to put another in my Book of Mormon that I carry with me. :)  And, I love all the snacks that you send. Just oreos, gold fish, candy of any sort :) Sister Cameron loves you and your snacks that you send too :) haha
haha, I laughed out loud when I read the story of Greg talking to the people door to door when you guys were collecting the food, haha, I remember when we did that last year with Bryan and Kimball, haha good times. Oh and by the way, Sister Cameron already loves Greg from all the stories I´ve told her. Let´s just say you talk about almost everything when you´re just walking in the street :)
Dad: Sounds like spring is really kicking in. I´d love to see some pics :) I´ll have to read Alma 30, sounds like a great chapter.
I´m excited for Taylor to go to spain. Sounds like it will be a great experience :)

And I love that talk from Pres. Hinckley as well. We got a little binder when we arrived in the field and it has that talk in it. I love the 10 things that you should bring home from a mission :)
Bryan: I was able to watch Norah´s talk and I just LOVED it. I really can´t believe how much she is growing up and her language skills are incredible. Thanks for sending it. It´s easier to watch videos when they´re embedded in the email, and not links.
I´ve heard about using cups as well to teach the Apostasy and I´ve actually done it. Works really well :)
Lindsey: I sure do remember that carnival that we went to last year. It´s crazy to think that it´s already been a year since I was out there with you all. Glad to hear it was a little bit cooler than last year :)
Aah, I love hearing about Norah and Alice. Sounds like Alice is just growing up so fast as well. haha, that´s so cute that she always says "yeah" haha you´ll have to send a video when you can :)

And the child´s pose crying, haha I laughed when I read that as well :)

Oh and congrats Kimball on the new calling, haha early morning seminary teacher! Wooho! But really you´re gonna be great Kimball!
Taylor: I´m super excited for you and your study abroad trip. Take a bunch of photos, sounds like it´ll be really exciting! And good luck on all your finals and final projects! Woohoo! The end of the semester already!

Oh sad news, so when I sent the photos last week, I think the computer I used at the internet cafe had a virus and it erased a month of photos from my sd card. Sister Cameron said this has already happened to her and she sent her sd card to her parents and they are going to see if they can restore the photos. I think I´ll have to do the same thing. But I emailed almost every photo that I had to you guys and Sister Cameron has almost the same photos as well. But it would be great if you guys could send a USB drive and I´ll start saving my photos onto the USB drive as well just in case this happens again...thanks :)
Well, this week, like the photos showed, Sister Cameron and I took a trip to the hospital. She hadn´t been feeling well, heachache, sore throat, diarhera, the we went to the hospital and let´s just say that we waited and waited and waited. Well, I don´t remember what we were talking about but Sister Cameron and I were laughing and the guy next to me turned to this other lady and I heard her say, "They´re Mormons." haha, I guess that was the explanation for why us "Mormons" were laughing in the hospital. Also, they had to draw some blood and I almost died, haha everyone was laughing because it wasn´t even me that was getting the blood drawn. Let´s just say that serving a mission has prepared me, even if it´s just a little bit, for the future with sick kids and husband. haha, oh how I don´t like hospitals. I was counting, I think I´ve already gone to the hospital about 7 or 8 times with my companion or another companion in the same house. haha, you definitely face your fears in the mission field.
Oh, I went to the dermatologist with Sister Cameron this week as well because she has some weird spots on her leg and I showed her a few of my moles as well because the birth mark on my arm looks like it´s changing colors. Well, she looked at it and said that for right now it´s ok but I have to go back in two months and they might have to take a biopsy. It was really fun, she just looked at me and said, "Well, you have a lot of moles." haha, yes, yes I do. And I think I have more now after being in the sun. But don´t worry, I´m using lots of sunscreen and I´m keeping an eye on the moles. :)
Well, nothing else too crazy happened this week. Just know that I´m super happy, healthy, and safe!
I love this work and I´m so grateful to serve in an area where the field is truly ripe, ready to harvest.

I love you all the MOSTIEST!

Sister Hicks

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