Monday, May 5, 2014

Feliz Dia das Maes (almost!) :) May 5, 2014

Hey Mom, Dad, Family, and Friends,
Ok, to start off, I think I´ll call around 5 o´clock in the afternoon your time (which would be 7 o´clock here). I don´t know what your skype address is, I think it´s still shicks100 but if there´s a problem I´ll just try to call and figure it out. So plan on me calling (or trying to skype) after church. I hope this works for you all. I am soooooo excited to talk to you all!
So, thanks Mom so much for getting the chacos, the only other things that I thought of this week that would be great would be a new loofa, goldfish (let´s just say that Sister Cameron and I LOVE goldfish, I´ve got her hooked now), bug lotion, and the tooth-cleaning pick things. (and you don´t have to wait, you can just send the box, if you´re able to this week) :)
Dad, that´s a good idea, I can just buy a USB drive here, they´re not very expensive. And maybe I´ll just hang on to the SD card until the end of my mission or I might send it (I just don´t want it to get stolen.)
Mom: Thanks again for ordering and mailing the chacos and everything else you send to me. You´re the best mom ever, but really you are :)  I would love just some 4x6 photos (just the normal size) Everyone always wants to see photos of you all so I want to have some more photos to share. :)
Don´t worry, I won´t do anything about my moles until I talk to you all, I just wanted to let you guys know that I had gone and that she had said that they might need to be removed.
Aah, that must have been fun to see Brian.  I´m glad to hear Hannah is doing better. Bummer about the Correspondents dinner as well... :(
Wow, I didn´t even know that there was a new BYU pres, that´s gonna be weird when I get back, haha
Exciting about the Schmidts as well!
Dad: Thanks for your advice about the USB drive and SD card. And don´t worry, I promise I won´t do anything about my moles until I talk to you all. I think it´s obviously because of the sun that they are getting darker and changing a little but don´t worry I´m being a diligent sunscreen user as well :)
Glad to hear that everything is going well with the stake as well. That´s super exciting about all the missionaries, how many missionaries are serving from are stake as of now? The stake here, Rangel, has 19 missionaries that are serving.
Oh and I read Alma 30, like you wrote last week. I really liked that chapter as well. It´s amazing how well Alma asks the questions and how he is truly led by the spirit.

Taylor: I´m glad to hear that you had a great birthday and that´s so cool that you were able to talk to Yara. haha, she wanted to send you all a video of me and so last night she filmed that clip. haha, it is true that I´m ALWAYS sweaty and I`m definitely tanner than before. Yara is super great, she´s 15 and has already been going to church for about two and a half months now but her parents won´t sign the baptismal form. But she is so awesome, we just have to get her parents to sign the form. And this week she gave us about 15 referrals! It was crazy! Did you understand the portuguese? It´s pretty similar to Spanish.
Bryan and Lindsey: Haha, I´m glad you won the fight with the ceiling fan. haha, I laughed out loud when I was reading your email. :)
And thanks for sending the blog post, looks like Easter was so much fun :) And I know I always write this but the girls are just soooo big!

Well, this week was great. We had a baptism yesterday. His name is Nascimento and he is Vitoria and Danilo´s dad. So he´s Hermina´s "ex-husband" (they were never officially married). Now they are just friends and Hermina is actually married with a guy who lives in Switzerland (yes, really random). But the baptism was great yesterday and we had water in the font! haha, a little bit calmer than last week :) I´ll send some photos as well. :) It truly is amazing how many elect of the Lord are here and the field truly is ready to harvest.

Oh, random story from a few weeks ago:
So we were waiting to meet up with a member and we started to talk with some men who were sitting nearby. Obviously (like almost everyone does) they asked us where we were from and then they asked if we lived by. We told them that we lived in the Bancários and one of the men´s answer was pretty funny. He just said, "Congratulations." afterward, Sister Cameron and I just looked at each other, "Yes Sister, congratulations, we live in the Bancários." Maybe it doesn´t sound too funny but in the moment it was pretty random.
So another story from yesterday,

So, two streets behind our apartment building there are a ton of inactives (especially young teenage boys). We´ve been trying to help reactivate them and there´s one teenager, Leo, and he´s 16. His father is inactive as well and drinks, a lot. So last night we were just talking casually with Leo and before we left we asked him if he needed anything. He paused for a moment. And we asked him again, "Are you sure? Do you need something?" He said that he was too embarassed to say anything and then Sister Cameron asked, "Do you need food?" And that was what it was. He said that his dad just spends almost all the money on alcohol and sometimes when he´s drunk he just throws stuff out. Leo told us that sometimes he just feels like he has no one to talk to because his mom drinks as well. It truly broke my heart when I was listening to him last night. We told him to give us 10 minutes and we went to our apartment and grabbed some food that we had. We´re going to try and visit him today again with the bishop. When we gave him the food, you could just see how grateful he was and as we were walking back I just began to cry because I just want him to have parents that love and care for him. I thought of the hymn "Have I Done Any Good?" It truly is amazing to help others and I am so grateful for the privilege I have to serve a mission.
Well, I love you all sooo much and I am so grateful for your never-ending love and support! I can´t wait to talk and see you Sunday! I love you all the MOSTIEST!
Sister Hicks

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