Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Transfers - I'm in Cabedelo now!!! May 14, 2014

Dear Mom, Dad, Family and Friends,

Well, as the subject shows, I´ve been transfered to Cabedelo and Sister Cameron stayed in Prosind. It was pretty hard to leave my area but I´m excited for all the new opportunitites that I will have here. 
So Cabedelo is really cool because we live so close to the beach, our area is literally right next to the beach. As we were arriving here I was able to see the beach and it was so close. :) My companion is Sister Maciel and she is from the south of Brasil, from a state called Rio Grande do Sul. She´s really great and I´m so excited to work with her. There are two other sisters in our house, Sister Gonzales (from Peru) and Sister Saynora from Brasil as well. And it´s cool because we actually live in a house now, not an apartment. I think it´s probably the biggest house that I´ve lived in so far. 

So funny story, we get to the bus station and obviously there´s a bunch of missionaries there because that´s where everyone meets up to be transfered. So I got all of my suitcases together and I got in a van with Sister Maciel. Well, the driver (afterwards I found out that he´s our bishop) said that you have to lift the handle up card to close the door, let´s just say it´s a pretty old van, probably from the 60s or 70s. Well, let´s just say that I lifted the handle up just a little bit too hard and, nice to meet you bishop, I just broke your car door handle. haha, but literally, by accident, I lifted too hard and the handle broke. But the bishop was great, he just said, "No don´t worry about it. Looks like you really have been exercising in the morning." haha, but he´s really chill, Sister Maciel said that he just got back from his mission about 5 years ago. He looks so young. But hey, things can just get better from here, right? 

Also, they called a few sister leader trainers and released some of us. Sister Fernandes finished her mission so they called a new one to replace her and they released me and Sister Mitchell. I´m glad for the opportunity that I had to serve and I´m so excited for the new sister leader trainers that were called. oh also, Sister Johnson (remember from Queimadas) she was called as one of the new sister leader trainers and I got to see her this morning, she´s in João Pessoa now as well. She´s not in my zone but she´s in João Pessoa, it was so great to see her! 

Well, in other news, it was sooooooo great to talk and SEE you four on Sunday! I´m glad to hear that everyone is doing so well! It really was a great Mother´s Day and Jefersone said that you got the pictures she emailed :)

Thanks for sending the pictures and thanks for everything that you do for me mom :) 

haha, loved the story from Greg this week. haha, Sister Cameron absolutely loved Greg. She said, "I have to meet your family in person, especially Greg!"

haha, glad to hear that you now can listen to my music as well haha, and "you need to work", keep up the steps :)

That´s a fun story about that British lady in the post office. I´m going to miss Sister Cameron´s accent for sure...

Kelsey: I´m glad to hear that Baby Guy is doing well, give him a big hug and kiss from me. I can´t wait to receive more photos of him :) And stay safe and healthy! 

Lindsey: haha, loved the story from Norah, I know I always say this but she literally is so cute and so funny. haha, and that was funny about the houses and Barack Obama. 

Dad: Stay safe in Mississippi and it was so great to see you. President Clayton said that you are really great and that it was a pleasure to meet you. 

Well stories from this week, 
yesterday it rained the ENTIRE day. Definitely a lot harder to talk to people in the street and let´s just say that I definitely prefer the hot sun all day to rain all day. But looks like we´re really going to start winter soon. 

Another great story, yesterday night two of our recent converts, Edilson and Jeremias were interviewed by the bishop to receive the priesthood and Andre was interviewed Sunday to receive the priesthood. All three of them will receive the priesthood this week or in the following week. It is so cool to see your recent converts progressing in the Gospel.

Sister Fernandes leaves today which is just so crazy. I got to see her at the Mission Counsel on Tuesday and when I arrived in the bus station I saw her from the car window as she was walking to get into another car. She is so great and I´m definitely going to miss her. 

Well, just know that I am safe, happy, and well.

I love you all the MOSTIEST!!!

Sister Hicks

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