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Loving Cabedelo May 19, 2014

Hey Mom, Dad, Family and Friends,                                                     May 19, 2014

Well greetings here from Cabedelo! Let me just start off by saying that Cabedelo is such a cool town. Like you wrote Mom, it´s a little bit like the Outer Banks. It´s definitely a beach town and we pass by or see the beach multiple times a day. Let´s just say it´s so beautiful. Obviously we can´t step onto the sand but I´ll definitely take some pictures for you guys. 

Other random things about Cabedelo:

-The ward boundary is huge so sometimes (well quite a bit) we have to grab the train (it´s kind of like a really old metro, but slower) to go to lunch with the members. It´s so crazy, but at least the train is only 25 cents (50 centavos). But it´s not very fun when you miss the train. Saturday, we were running to the station and as we got close the train was already leaving, so we had to grab the bus which is way more expensive. Then as we were leaving lunch, we walked all the way to the bus stop but the schedule is different on Saturdays and the last train had already passed so we had to walk all the way back to the bus stop and grab another bus. Haha, let´s just say lunch on Saturday was an adventure.

-Another cool story, so there´s an island that´s really close to Cabedelo called Lucena and there´s elders there. So we have every other district meeting there...yes on the island :) So Thursday morning was district meeting and we had to grab a boat (it reminded me of that duck tour bus in Philly) to go to district meeting in Lucena. It´s just a branch there but they have a little church building. It reminded me a little bit of Queimadas. 
Unfortunately I don´t have a adaptor thing to send photos to you all today but I´ll buy one today and I´ll send photos of all this next week. 

Another random cool story, my branch mission leader from Queimadas, Tiago, received his mission call this week! So, I was actually eating lunch at the member´s house on Saturday and their son, who was there, is a bishop in Campina Grande and knows Bishop Jorge (the bishop in Jorge). He told me that Tiago had received his call and he´s going to serve in...BUENOS AIRES EAST MISSION! I´m so excited for him. And the best part...I got a call yesterday from the APs and they did a phone conference. It was Sister R. Santos who is serving in Queimadas and he passed the phone to Tiago! So, I got to talk to Tiago and he told me that he is going to serve in Buenos Aires and he leaves August 14. I am so excited for him! Tiago told me that everyone is doing great in Queimadas. Danilo is the ward secretary, Camila (Danilo´s sister) is the Relief Society President and Sinara (our last baptism in Queimadas) is the Young Womens President! Aah, I was so happy! 

Well, let´s just say it was a really cool week. 

Mom: Aah, that´s so funny about listening to the music. Every once in a while I hear Michael Jackson playing here as well. And yes, we will definitely go to another Michael Bublé concert together :)

So if you´re looking at the google maps I live close to two really big gymnasiums, close to the port to go to Lucena. I don´t know the street names. You should look up the chapel as well. It´s pretty cool, it reminds me a little bit of the Kirtland Temple. 

That´s so cool that there are 14 of us serving in Brasil from our stake! We´re going to have a Portuguese branch in the stake when we get back :)

So yes, it´s definitely starting to rain more here. The rain jacket is pretty great. I don´t use it all the time because normally it´s super sunny and hot and then all of the sudden the clouds come in and it just rains hard for 15 minutes and then stops. But, I`m going to buy a new umbrella because mine broke...

New CDs would be great, we can only listen to MoTab and EFY (EFY just on P-days). 

That´s cool about the thing they´re doing for youth conference. Yes, you can send whatever photo you want. It could be from dance, or from girls camp or youth conference, or a school picture, whatever one you think best. 

Oh Mom, random question, were you able to find the Fourth Missionary talk? It´s not very from the MTC, I found out that it was a talk to a mission by a mission president. but I don´t remember his name. Just wondering...

Dad: Haha, but really it was so embarassing breaking the bishop´s van door but like you said, he took it very well :)

That´s so cool that you went to a meeting and Elder Ballard was there! I heard that Elder Nelson was in Recife last week (which is the mission right below ours) 

I can´t even imagine how great the meeting must´ve been. I liked what you wrote about how we have to teach the simple docrine. 

That´s cool that you served by the beach as well. It´s definitely a different atmosphere, a little bit more laid back, definitely less city-like. But I`m really enjoying it. It´s cool that I´ve now served in 3 areas very different from each other. Queimadas is way farther in in the state, with lots of farms. Prossind was more in the city and Cabedelo is close to the beach. 

I liked what you wrote about 1 Nephi 3:7. It´s really true that we have to remember that it´s the Lord´s mission and not ours. And one thing that I´ve learned on the mission is that we have to work in the Lord´s vineyard according to His ways. Sometimes we think we know what is best for an area or an investigator but we have to search for revelation from Heavenly Father and teach or do what He wants us to teach or do. 

Bryan: Aah, I`m sorry to hear that your VP was changed but at least the new one admitted that he doesn´t know very much about the work that you all do. But I hope everything works out well :) 
Well, I don´t know about Computer Science but it´s definitely something that I´ll think about during exercise time like you said (haha, I´m the only sister in my house that works out so yes, I definitely have time to think when I´m just jumping rope...)

Lindsey: Wow! I absolutely loved the photos from Norah´s birthday party. They were soooo cute! I can´t believe how cute the cake turned out. That was just adorable! And the girls looked so cute riding their bikes together! 

Oh and random sidenote, your hair looks longer, it was even in a ponytail in the picture, what?! You need to include yourself in more of the photos, I want to see photos of you as well! haha, but really congrats, the party sounds like it was a big success! 

Oh another random story from this week, we did a street contact with this elderly lady that was sitting in front of her house. So we invited her to come to church and she said that maybe she would go. Then we asked her "Maybe? Or will you actually go?" Then she gave one of the most absurd responses, well she said, "If I don´t die I will." And don´t worry, she´s not super sick or anything she just definitely didn´t want to commit to going to church haha. 

Also, another random story, we were in Ward Counsel Saturday night and I always almost laugh during Ward Counsel. It doesn´t matter what ward I´m serving in, the counsel always gets so off topic. So, the Relief Society began to talk and she went on for about 15 minutes about how the RS needs a new floral arrangement and the High Priest Group leader was like "Is it really that old" and it just started a discussion that almost didn´t end. haha, it was probably funnier if you guys were there but it´s just so funny the topics that Ward Counsel gets on at times. 

haha, well anyway, I love you all sooo much! 

I love you the MOSTIEST!

Sister Hicks

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