Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Corn, Corn, Corn June 25, 2014

Dear Mom, Dad, Family, and Friends,

So the title of "corn, corn, corn" is because yesterday was São João (Saint John) here. It´s a Catholic holiday (which means it´s a Brazilian holiday) and it´s really big here in the Northeast. And the tradition is that you eat corn, and A LOT of corn. Boiled corn, roasted corn, corn cake, any corn dish that you can think of, I´m a little corned out. and the corn here is a little different, it seems like it´s starchier, it´s not as sweet, anyway, let´s just say it´s corn central here. 

Well, this week was transfers. Sister Maciel and I are still companions (woohoo!) and Sister Gonzales (from Peru) was transferred and Sister Marschall (my trainer) is here now. haha, third time that we´re living in the same house! And now I´m living with 3 Brazilians! Woohoo, first time in the mission!

Mom: Thanks so much for the package with the cute pink sweater! I love it! I wore it to church this Sunday! Oh and I got the card with the 52 Northern virginia sayings, haha, I was literally laughing out loud! I will probably get the other package next week :) Thank you sooooo much! You are literally the best mom! The only things I need - a member here asked if you could send maple extract (to make maple syrup) he said he would pay me. And if you can could you send more oreos :) My companion and the other sisters like them too :) So if you´re able to, that would be great, thank you!!!

I´m glad to hear that trek went so well. That would be great if you could get a copy of the dvd. 

Oh, and that was sooooo sweet of you to make the crack mix and give it to everyone, and the flowers as well! The girls loved them! 

João Paulo didn´t go to church. We´re going to have to cut him from our teaching pool but a woman named Cida and her granddaughter Tais went to church. If you can, pray that Cida will be able to stop smoking and stop drinking coffee, thanks :)

I´m glad to hear that Greg liked the balloons on his birthday and that Brother Sweeny is well.

Dad: Sounds like trek was a huge success! I´m sure everyone loved it! 
Don´t stress too much about stake conference. You´ll be great! I have no doubt about it!  Be sure to send me a copy of your talks, I´d love to read them :)

Send all my love to grandma and grandpa as well! 

Bryan: haha, Norah is so funny, I can imagine her talking to that little boy´s mom, "You don´t go to church?" :) 

oh goodness, computer scientist, haha I´ll think about that a little more.

Kimball: Wow, that´s really cool about Jason. I hope that he continues to progress. I´ll definitley keep him in my prayers! Give Baby Guy a big kiss from me :)

Lindsey: Glad to hear that Alice is enjoying preschool (well for the most part) and be sure to send photos as well of the room when it´s done! :)

Well, Brasil plays again on Saturday, oh futbol futbol futbol...I´m actually a little excited for when it will be normal again...

Well, I´m doing well and I´ll write more on Monday

I love you all the MOSTIEST!!!!

Sister Hicks

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