Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thinking of You June 9, 2014

Dear Mom, Dad, Family, and Friends,

First off, plesae send all my love and prayers to Debbie, Jim, and their family. That is heartbreakng to hear about Andrew. I will definitely keep them in my thoughts and prayers. I also feel for his children as well. That must be so hard on them as well. I will definitely be thinking of them and keeping them in my prayers during this difficult time. 

Well, in other news, my birthday was great. Sister Maciel, being a jokester as she is, pretended that she had forgotten that it was my birthday, haha. We went to go clean the chapel and I talked about a few things to try and remind her that it was my birthday. Finally as we were walking back, after cleaning the chapel, I told her, "Hey, my feelings are a little hurt that you didn´t even say Happy Birthday." Well, she said, "Oh, I`m so sorry, I forgot!" And then she didn´t say anything else. It wasn´t until we were going to bed that I walked into the room and the three sisters sang Happy Birthday (well in Portuguese) and they gave me a card and a Brasil jersey! haha, Sister Maciel told me that she knew the whole time and just played this prank on me. Well, let´s just say that I didn´t believe her in the beginning but she said, "No really, I knew but I was just messing with you." haha, but it was funny in the end. But thank you soooooo much for all the cards and letters that everyone sent! I also got the two packages as well which was great! New chacos, woohoo! I love the colors as well! Thank you so much for everything! I love you all so much and all of your notes and the packages made my day! 

Well, in other news, President Nogueira is gonna let us watch the World Cup, what?! yah, this is when you know that you´re serving in Brasil. When Brasil plays, we´re going to be allowed to watch with the members. It´s really going to be CRAZY here! I promise that I´ll send pictures soon (we have to go to a place that works to send pictures) but everyone is painting HUGE Brasil flags on the roads, and there´s a bunch of green and yellow banners EVERYWHERE! 

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDSEY!!!! I hope you have a great day Thursday! Everyone in Brasil (including me) will be celebrating with you, by watching the World Cup! haha, I hope you have a great day! 

Oh also, we had a baptism yesterday, Christophe :) He´s really cool and it was a great baptism! We actually met him on the train last week. We were coming from lunch and we started to talk to him and we got his address, went and visited him, he went to church last week, and this week he was baptized! 

Mom: Wow, that´s really cool about the Muslim lady that went to church, wow, definitley a golden contact! 

and wow, that´s so crazy that your Primary kids are graduating! The time really does pass by fast! And thanks so much for the cards and packages! Oh, and thanks for putting more money in my account :)

Dad: Thanks for your sweet note, on my birthday and everything :) I´ll definitley keep you in my prayers because I know this month is going to be crazy for you! And please send all my love to Debbie, Jim, and Grandma and Grandpa when you go out there. 

Bryan: haha, that´s so funny, what Norah said about priesthood blessings, and I loved the list as well, haha, I`m still thinking about it during exercise time...

Lindsey: Thanks for your note, yes, it really is true how precious life is. And it passes by so fast, I´ve started to learn that just in the mission field with how fast the time flies. 

Taylor: Wow, sounds like you´re having a lot of fun in Spain! Here, they celebrate Corpus Christi as well! And, yes, the World Cup is going to be crazy here! The US is going to be play in the two bordering missions, Recife and Natal! 

Well, I love you all so much!!!!

I tried to send photos but it wasn´t working, but next week I truly will try to get it to work! 

I love you the MOSTIEST!!!!

Sister Hicks

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