Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Greetings from Wet and Rainy Cabedelo September 8, 2014

Dear Mom, Dad, Family, and Friends,

It was so great to get all of your guys´emails, I´m glad to hear that you are all doing so well! I absolutely loved the pictures from Freya´s blessing. Everyone looks so great! And Lindsey, you´re hair is getting so long! :)

So as the title suggests, it´s been raining a lot these past few days. We decided that today we´re going to cook some Ramen noodles and make popcorn and watch a church film in our beds for P-day :) 

Dad: Glad to hear that the Dallas trip is going well. So just to let you know, I would just like to visit the places where I served here in my mission. I wasn´t even thinking about another place and I would prefer just spending a few days here. But I`m so grateful that you guys are going to come out. It´ll be a lot of fun. 

haha, Dad, you have to do the ice bucket challenge! I want to see a video of you doing it when I get back :)

What?! William and Kate are expecting again!!!! Aaaaah, that´s so exciting! Thanks for keeping me updated!

Before I forget, there´s a sister in the ward that wants a CTR ring like mine. It´s thin and silver. She wanted you to look online to see the prices for her. Let me know what you see and how much. 

Thanks for looking up the EFY stuff for me. I don´t know exactly what I want to do next summer but I was thinking about doing EFY. 

So, that´s good that Bro. Stolk emailed you. I definitely want to room with her spring term but I don´t have to worry about that until I get back...

I´m excited for you guys to come as well, the time is passing by so fast! Oh, and just to remember, next week I´ll write on Wednesday because it´s transfers. I think I´ll stay here in Cabedelo and Sister Maciel will be transfered because she has 1 more transfers here in Cabedelo than me, but who knows! 

Bryan: I laughed out loud when I read your email about Norah saying that there´s nothing interesting about cellphones, that truly is what happens when you are born in 2009! haha, oh Norah... 

Oh, you all look so great in the pictures from the blessing. It´s so crazy how fast your family is growing Bryan! But it´s sure a beautiful family!

Lindsey: Thanks for sending me the great blog post and the email is well. I got it just now. Glad to hear that my parents have been a help and I don´t doubt my mom inspecting my dad´s dusting job, and it´s a thorough inspection at that! :) (Love you Mom)

Kimball: Glad to hear that seminary is going well. I´m sure you are such a great teacher! What are the ages? Is it all four grades of high school or just one grade? Let me know what cool insights you have this week. :) Tell Kelsey and Guy I say hi :)

Norah: Thank you soooo much for your email! You´re the best! There are parrots here in Brasil. They are lots of different colors but the most common  are green parrots. This week I taught lots of people and as a missionary we teach people the Gospel :) I love you sooooo much Norah!

So, yesterday was truly a miracle. It was raining so much but we still managed to have investigators at church! Two brothers, Douglas and Celso, came to church. They are here in Cabedelo until December because they are doing some test to enter into the Navy. But they accepted baptism for this Sunday, please pray for them!

Also, Jorge (our recent-convert) brought a friend to church yesterday. His name is Sandro. And he also accepted baptism for this Sunday as well! He is so great and it´s so awesome to see the missionary fire that recent-converts have! Pray for Sandro as well! 

Also, a recent-convert from the other area in our ward (the other sisters) brought a friend to church. Her name is Jessica and she´s 14 years old. Since she´s only 14 she has to go to church for 3 months before she can be baptized but we´re going to start teaching her as well! 

We had another investigator, Mike, come to church but he left during the sacrament meeting and never came back! It was so weird and yesterday after church we went to his house but no one was home...

Yesterday was Brasil´s Independence day and it just poured down rain, but the show must go on! Cabedelo had a huge parade and we saw the Brazilian Army and Navy getting ready and we caught a part of the parade as well. I snapped a photo of the calvarymen to send to Greg, lots of pretty horses. This computer doesn´t seem to be working to send photos but I`ll send photos next week! 

Last night we ate dinner at Jorge´s house. He caught lobster this week and fried some for us last night. It was really good! It tastes a lot like shrimp, he also made cuz cuz which is one of my favorite foods. It´s made from corn but I really don´t know how to explain it. Look it up online. Search cuz cuz nordeste (Northeast, because the people here make cuz cuz different than the Brazilians in the south) :)

Well, I´m doing well and loving it here in Cabedelo. Things are really starting to pick up. I´m anxious to see what will happen this transfer but I´ve learned now that you can have success in every area. :)

I love you all the MOSTIEST!!!

Sister Hicks

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