Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Independence Day in Brasil September 1, 2014

Dear Mom, Dad, Family, and Friends,

Well, as the subject suggests, this Sunday (Sept 7) is Brasil´s independence day. Cabedelo is going to have a huge parade and everything. It´s crazy to think that a year ago I was in Queimadas for the independence day. Just thought I would keep you guys in the loop :)

Well, I accepted the ice bucket challenge and on Monday night I took a cold ice bucket shower :) And then I challenged Sister Maciel, Sister Sayonara, and Sister Marschall. The three of them did it this week as well. If I have time I´ll send photos today. I took videos as well but it doesn´t work to send videos. But one day you´ll see the videos :) But, wow was it cold :)

Oh, and I can´t believe Norah started kindergarten today! Loved the photo!

Mom: Glad to hear that Eythan´s wedding went well. I´m sure you were a big help to Sister Bruton. You´ll have to send me some pictures when you can. 

Well, this week we found out that Eli uses marijuana and crack...his grandmother told us. So, we talked to him and he says that he wants to stop. He´s being using drugs for 5 years. Sister Maciel and I thought that he might be using drugs because he was never at home in the evening. But yah, it´s a little complicated. He really needs medical help because it´s such a strong addiction. But, keep him in your prayers this week. 

So, I was thinking about when you guys come. So, probably Wednesday (the 10th) we would stay in João Pessoa and then Thursday we could spend the day in Campina Grande/Queimadas. It´s about a an hour and a half car ride (we would just grab a taxi) and Thursday night it would probably make more sense to spend the night in a hotel in Campina Grande. Then Friday we could spend the day in João Pessoa again. This was just what I was thinking. What day were you guys planning on us heading home? What do you guys think?

I think I´ve heard about that video "Because of Him" but I don´t think I´ve ever seen it. Sounds like a pretty good video. 

Aah, if you go to Briar Woods to drop the cookies off, Mr. Sarmento and Bren that I say hi. I sent an email to Bren today, I hope it´s the right email address. 

That sounds like a good idea to do the semester to semester until my other friends get back to BYU.

Oh, Mom, can you look at the EFY website to see when you have to start the application to be an EFY counselor. I would like to apply to be a counselor for this coming summer. Thanks :)

Good luck with all the ward conferences, I´m sure it´ll be great. Can´t wait to read your talk. Send it to me when you get a chance.

Thanks for answering my question. That makes more sense. Wow, it´s amazing how much we can learn and how much we still have to learn. 

Thanks for always answering my questions :) Whenever I don´t know something, I always think, oh I´ll just email Dad on Monday. 

I got the photos! Jasmine is super cute! I hope you´re doing well! 

That must have been fun to have the bachelor party at the house! You´ll have to send pics when you can! Hope all is well!

So, last night the bishop´s wife offered us dinner. Her name is Rosiane and she´s so sweet. She´s always offering us food. Last night I thanked her and I said wow, you always offer us food, it´s so nice. She also served a mission so she knows how it is, but she said when she serves the missionaries she remembers that she´s truly serving Christ. I really liked what she said. 

Well, I have to go but I love you all the MOSTIEST!!

Sister Hicks

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