Monday, September 22, 2014

Greetins from Manaira September 17, 2014

Dear Mom, Dad, Family, and Friends,

So, as the title suggests, I was transfered and now i´m in Manaíra. It´s the same zone and stake but just a different area. I went on exchanges a long time ago (in December) when I was a sister leader trainer. Also, now  every zone has 2 Zone Leaders that are elders and 2 Zone leaders that are sisters. And I was called to be a  Sister Zone Leader. And like the elders, my companion is the other Sister Zone Leader. Her name is Sister Chauque and she´s from Argentina. She´s so great. She was Sister Maciel´s trainer. Sister Maciel always talked about how great she is. I´m super excited and I never imagined that I would be called to be a Sister zone leader (now it´s called zone leader, not sister leader trainer) Also, Sister Stolk finally was transfered from Campina Grande and I saw her at the bus station when we were waiting for everyone. It was so great to see her. 

So, Manaíra is one of the richest areas in our mission. It´s basically so apartment buildings and it´s where the rich people in a João Pessoa live. So, it´ll definitely be a different experience but I´m really excited to learn and grow in this new area. We live in an apartment and from the looks of it, it´s pretty nice. Also, President Nogueira lives in our ward! What?! :)

Glad to hear that the weather will get better. It rained so much this past week that I caught a cold but I´m feeling much better now. 

 I´ll see the sister Sunday (stake conference) and I´ll talk to her about the rings.  Thanks for looking that up and I´ll get her ring size.

To sign up for winter classes at  BYU you just have to log onto my BYU account. I think registration is at the end of October but I don´t remember exactly. And spring term I don´t have to register until the winter. 

If you guys have time when you go out to Utah, could look at some apartments in Provo. Maybe Hannah Vinchur could help because she´s out there. 

That was a cool story you shared about the sister going on a mission so fast. 

 I don´t remember really well who is Richie Todd but maybe if I saw a pic I would remember.

I hope the ward conferences are going well. Our stake will have stake conference this weekend. I´m excited to see all the members from my old area because it´s the same stake. 

Lindsey: Loved the blog post! Everyone looks great!

Well I don´t have much time to write this week but I´ll try to send photos on Monday

I love you all the MOSTIEST!!!!

Sister Hicks

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