Monday, October 6, 2014

Manaira Mania Sept. 29, 2014

Dear Mom, Dad, Family, and Friends,

So, this week went really well. Sister Chauque and I went on exchanges with 3 companionships in our zone on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday so it was pretty busy. But it was really to get to know other areas. On Tuesday I went on exchanges with Sister Maciel (woohoo, my old comp) in Ipês 1. And then on Wednesday I went on exchanges with Sister Shirts (from Queimadas, remember?) in Ipês 2. Then on Friday, I went on exchanges with Sister Sayonara and I stayed in my area and Sister Chauque went on exchange in Manaíra 2 (the other sisters´ area, that live in our house).

Oh, so the subject of my email. Yesterday we had a special sacrament meeting with some big news! The Ala (ward) Manaíra was split! And the new ward is Oceania! So, President Nogueira was there and he said that he was going to take a look at the map but for now Sister Chauque and I will serve in the new ward, Oceania, and the other companionship will stay in the Ala Manaíra. So, the new ward boundaries for Oceania are our old area and a part of what was the elders´ area from the Ala Bessa. So, if we stay in the Ala Oceania will have a big new area. But only sad part, Ronaldo and Solange stayed in the Ala Manaíra, about 2 streets from the ward boundary...but it´s life...won´t be our baptism but at least they´ll be baptized!

So, this week my testimony of fasting was truly strengthened. We fasted on Tuesday (here you fast from lunch to lunch) with Ronaldo and Solange so that they would be able to get the money ready to get married and so that Solange would be able to stop smoking. Well, Ronaldo told us a really great story. So, about half an hour before they were going to end their fast, Ronaldo´s daughter´s boyfriend called and asked what he would like for his birthday (it was his birthday on Wednesday). Well he said that he would like him to pay the fee to get married. It was so crazy, it was truly an answer to our prayers and fast. It´s so cool to see how the Lord works in our lives. Then, yesterday at church, Solange came up to us and told us that she decided that she wants to get married and that they would go to the cartório (I don´t remember the word in English, it´s the govt building where you go to get married) today to mark a date for the marriage!!!! Seriously, this week was so great. The Lord truly answers our prayers and fasts! 

Mom: Wow, I am so excited for you guys to come! It´s crazy how everything is coming up so fast! And what?! Guaraná! We drink Guaraná almost every day at lunch (it´s the most popular soda here in Brasil, so good!!) 

And that´s soooo exciting about Amanda Friaca! It´s a bummer that I won´t be able to see her before I leave but I am soooo excited for her!! Could you send me her email address? :) 

About the t-shirts, yah, if you could just bring them with you that would be great :) I don´t think any boxes will get here in time if you mail them now. 

Well, I emailed Sister Johnson (who´s home now) and asked her what she´s going to do about winter semester. So, if you could just look at some apartments that would be great but don´t sign anything, unless you feel like you really need to. Thanks so much for all the time and effort you´re putting in to do this. 

Oh, and tomorrow is the Mission Counsel so I´ll call Pres. Nogueira today and ask him to have an interview tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up :)

Thanks so much Mom for all that you´re doing, it´s sure a big help. and don´t worry about spring housing yet :)

That´s so cool about the Korean choir during the women broadcast. They show the womens broadcast this Saturday morning :) I´m so excited to see it and General Conference as well! It´s going to be so great! 

Aahh, tell Grandpa happy birthday and give him a big hug from me!

Things are going really well here and I´m excited to work even more with the members. We started the 21 Day Promise (have you guys heard about it?) with some of the members. It´s really cool. They read specific scriptures and pray for 21 days for 21 names to be able to accept an invitation to hear the missionaries. It´s from a General authority, I don´t remember who..

Glad to hear that you are doing well and that you´re staying busy. I´m sure it must be really great to share you testimony every day. you´re teaching D+C right? 

I´m liking my new area. It´s pretty different but I´m getting used to it :)

I absolutely LOVED the pictures of Baby Guy! He´s so adorable! I can´t wait to meet him! He´s sooo cute!

Well, there´s no one in the streets because it´s a pretty rich area and everyone is working. But, we just have to work more with the members :)

Well, the time´s up but I love you all the MOSTIEST!!!!

Sister Hicks

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